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(Taken from my other two communities): I'm really sick of this layout. Anyone want to make a new one? Or a new header? My PSP program is gone or I would do it myself. If you do decide to make one (header or layout) you can use any pictures of Polina you want, but make sure it has "Polina Kouklina Fans" on it somewhere - no scripty/girly fonts please. Thanks so much if you make something and you will definately be credited in the userinfo. Shameless plug: join iheartmodels

David LaChapelle
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Neiman Marcus Beauty Shots
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Polaroids from Trump Models
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Have you heard about modelcouture? We update many times a day with tons of high quality pictures of runway shows, editorials, photo shoots, and backstage candids. Come check it out and join, membership is open! We're super-active, have interesting posts, and you're free to ask about any models, or modelling in general!
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Secret Love

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105 Icons (featuring; Kate Moss, Julia Stegner, Caroline Winberg, Jessica Stam, Natasha Poly, Polina Kouklina, Cameron Russell, Ciara Nugent.)

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